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Club Rules

Membership Rules


In order to ensure that Onyx Club remains a safe, friendly and regulated environment, all members must be aware of and abide by the following rules:

  1. Members must be eighteen years or older.
  2. Photographic identification must be shown before acceptance of membership is granted.
  3. Members are issued with membership cards which they should use to gain entry to the club. Members should try to bring their membership cards on each visit.
  4. Any member who wishes to resign their membership must do so in writing, stating their reason for resignation.
  5. All bills must be paid in full before leaving the club. No credit facilities will be made available.
  6. We expect our members to be always courteous and respectful towards our staff and other members.
  7. Details about Onyx Club and its members are strictly confidential and anything that passes between members within the club, intentionally or otherwise, must not be used for commercial or journalistic purposes.
  8. Onyx Club accepts no responsibility for any loss or injury to members or their property sustained on the premises.
  9. Onyx Club operates with a smart casual dress code. Failure to abide by the club’s dress code may result in refusal of entry at Onyx Club’s discretion.
  10. Members who are intoxicated on arrival will not be permitted entry. Members will be monitored through the night and if found to be acting in an unacceptable manner will be refused further alcoholic drinks.
  11. Drug use will not be tolerated under any circumstances in Onyx Club. Members found to be under the influence of drugs will be suspended. Anyone found to be taking drugs or in possession of drugs on the premises will be barred and reported to the police.
  12. All equipment within the Club remains the property of Onyx Club. Members are expected to treat all Onyx Club property with respect and care.
  13. For rules relating to poker and casino games, please see our information pamphlets that are displayed in the relevant areas around the Casino. In all cases, the Supervisor’s decisions are final. In the event of a dispute, the matter must be referred to Management.
  14. The Club’s Duty Managers have the right to exclude any member or guest whose behaviour they deem unacceptable.
  15. Onyx Club reserve the right to cancel or amend a tournament, or prizepool, up to the start time of the event. In these cases, we will do our best to inform players of the changes both online and on arrival at the venue. Onyx Club will not accept any liabilities or losses of players because of changes or amendments.
  16. In accordance with the gambling commissions operating licensing conditions number 4, you are advised that customer funds held on deposit are not protected in the case of insolvency.

Failure to adhere to these rules may lead to suspension of membership.

Code of Conduct

Management will attempt to maintain a pleasant environment for all our customers and employees but is not responsible for the conduct of any player. We have established a code of conduct and may deny the use of our cardroom to anyone who violates it. The following is not permitted:

  1. Collusion with another player or any other form of cheating
  2. Verbally or physically threatening, any customer or employee
  3. Using profanity or obscene language
  4. Creating a disturbance by arguing, shouting, or making excessive noise
  5. Throwing, tearing, bending, or crumpling cards
  6. Destroying or defacing property
  7. Using an illegal substance
  8. Carrying a weapon


Members wishing to submit a complaint must do so either verbally or in writing to any of the Duty Managers. In all cases the matter will be thoroughly investigated and forwarded to the General Manager if necessary.

Members subject to a complaint by another member or member of staff may have their membership suspended or revoked by Management. All Management decisions are final.

Onyx Club reserves the right to dismiss the complaint, or to warn, suspend or expel members. Such decisions are made in the strictest confidence and no reason will be given for any decision. Onyx Club will inform an expelled member in writing.

Onyx Club reserves the right to update and amend these rules at any time.